General conditions of use of the ROS PETIT, S.A. website


These General Conditions govern the use (including mere access) of the web pages that make up the Ros Petit, S.A, (“ROS PETIT”) Website, including the contents and the services made available therein (the “ROS PETIT Website”). Any person who accesses the ROS PETIT Website (the “User”) accepts to abide by the General Conditions in force at the time of accessing the ROS PETIT Website.

The contents and services made available to the User on the ROS PETIT Website (the “Contents” and “Services”), respectively) may also be governed by specific conditions (“Specific Conditions”) which, in the event of a dispute, will take precedence over the General Conditions. Every time the User makes use of the Contents or Services, he/she shall be bound by the applicable Specific Conditions.

The User should therefore read the General Conditions carefully each time he/she intends to use the ROS PETIT Website and, if applicable, the Specific Conditions, each time he/she intends to use any of the Contents or Services.

In all events, ROS PETIT reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and contents of the ROS PETIT Website, these General Conditions and the relevant Specific Conditions.


The ROS PETIT Website does not provide direct advice, nor is it a means of establishing a professional or any other kind of relationship between the customer and the company.

• Use

Unless otherwise stated in the Specific Conditions, the use of the ROS PETIT Website shall be free of charge, without prejudice to the cost incurred by the User in connecting to and accessing the Website through a telecommunications network.

The User is aware of, and freely and expressly accepts that he/she is solely and exclusively responsible for the use made of the ROS PETIT Website.

In using the ROS PETIT Website, the User warrants that he/she shall not perform any conduct that may harm the image, interests or rights of ROS PETIT or third parties or that may harm, disable or overload the ROS PETIT Website, or that may prevent the normal use of the ROS PETIT Website in any way.

ROS PETIT implements reasonably adequate security measures designed to detect the presence of viruses. However, the User should be aware that not all the security measures designed to protect computers on the Internet are wholly reliable and that, therefore, ROS PETIT is unable to guarantee total protection from viruses or other elements that may alter the User’s computers (software and hardware) or the User’s electronic documents and files contained therein.

• Contents

The Contents of the ROS PETIT Website are made available to the User by ROS PETIT and may contain information from its own sources or from third-party sources.

ROS PETIT strives to ensure that the Contents are of the highest possible quality and that they are reasonably up to date. However, it cannot vouch for the usefulness, accuracy, completeness or relevance of the Contents.

The inclusion of Contents on the ROS PETIT Website shall in no way constitute the provision of consultancy services. The User acknowledges that, in so far as the application of laws to specific cases is not automatic but varies according to the circumstances, the information included in the Contents is not sufficient to make decisions of any nature. Consequently, the information included in the Contents may not be considered a substitute for accounting and/or legal advice, and ROS PETIT advises the User against taking decisions based on the information in the Contents without first seeking appropriate professional advice.

• Intellectual and industrial property rights

Through these General Conditions, no intellectual or industrial property rights are granted on the ROS PETIT Website or any of its contents. The User is expressly forbidden to copy, transform, distribute, disclose publicly, make available, extract, reuse, forward or use the contents in any way whatsoever, whatever the medium or procedure used, save as permitted by law or by the copyright owner.

The User may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the Contents for his/her exclusive and personal use on his/her computers (software and hardware), except for the purpose of undertaking activities of a commercial or professional nature. The User shall refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the Contents through means or procedures other than those that are made available to him/her from time to time or that are normally used on the Internet (providing the latter do not entail a risk of damaging or disabling the ROS PETIT Website). The User shall at all times comply with the intellectual and industrial property rights owned by ROS PETIT or third parties in relation to the ROS PETIT Website.

• Hyperlinks and Linked Websites

a) Hyperlinks

The User and, in general, any individual or legal entity that wishes to place a hyperlink or technical link device (such as links and buttons) from their website to the ROS PETIT Website (a “Hyperlink”) must obtain prior permission in writing from ROS PETIT.

In no event shall the setting up of a Hyperlink imply the existence of a relationship between ROS PETIT and the owner of the website or web page on which the Hyperlink is placed, nor shall it mean that ROS PETIT accepts or approves the contents or services of the said websites or web pages.

In all cases, ROS PETIT reserves the right to ban or disable any of the hyperlinks to the ROS PETIT Website at any time, particularly if the activity or the contents of the website containing the hyperlink are unlawful.

b) Linked Websites

The ROS PETIT Website makes available to the User, solely for the purpose of searching for, and accessing to, the information, contents and services available on the Internet, hyperlinks or technical link devices (such as links and buttons) which allow the User to access Internet sites or portals belonging to or managed by third parties (the “Linked Websites”).

ROS PETIT shall not offer or market, directly or through third parties, the information, contents and services provided on the Linked Websites, nor shall it approve, supervise or in any way control the contents and services and any other material of any nature contained on the said websites. The User, therefore, fully accepts all responsibility for browsing through the said websites.


Upon accessing the ROS PETIT Website, none of the User’s personal data shall be automatically recorded. However, certain non-personal data that do not identify any specific User, including the User’s Internet browser, his/her operating system or the IP address from which the ROS PETIT Website is accessed, shall be collected and stored on ROS PETIT’s Internet servers for the purpose of improving the User’s browsing experience and the management of the ROS PETIT Website.

Nevertheless, in order to use certain Contents and Services, ROS PETIT may require the User to supply certain personal data. ROS PETIT shall supply the User with the information necessary so that he/she may give ROS PETIT their consent to the treatment and storage of their personal data in ROS PETIT’s databases.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish Law.