Ros Petit, which was founded in 1950 by economist Joan Ros Petit, has kept the founder’s spirit alive throughout the years, while adapting to the needs of today’s businesses.

Pioneers in the tax advisory service, and although it continues to be our principal professional practice area, we have extended our services to cover all areas of business practice and now offer our clients comprehensive solutions and advisory services in addition to tax advice.

Currently, Ros Petit provides services to a wide range of clients, from medium-sized companies to large corporations many of which continue to be family-owned businesses even though they are operating globally.

Ros Petit has always sought to advise companies moving into the international market, we are an internally-minded firm, which is why we have been a member of different prestigious international networks over the years. We are currently a member of Mackrell International a global network of independent firms.

As part of our comprehensive advisory services, we also offers services to individual clients, on both tax-related and civil matters.

Upholding the founder’s commitment to society, the firm also provides services to numerous foundations and charities.